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BlueWater Mfg. invented the ParaRail to allow workers complete access to a leading edge
while still being protected by the guardrail. It provides fall protection for a variety of tasks
including maintenance for security cameras, antennas, lights, drain cleaning and hoisting
of tools and materials. The ParaRail System complies with OSHA regulations for guardrail
29 CFR 1910.23 and 1923.502.
The ParaRail provides the portability and economy of a self-supporting, no drill
installation. Just like the SafetyRail 2000, the ParaRail can be erected in minutes. Bases
can be easily transported utilizing the EZ Mover and optional EPDM rubber pads and BUR
pads are available for added protection of roof surface.
The system can be used as a permanent guardrail or moved to
different locations as needed. The ParaRail provides the economies
of a fully portable system for commercial, industrial and worksite
applications such as office buildings, airports, high-rises, parking
decks, raised docks, shopping centers, mezzanines, and bridges.
Each ParaRail is custom manufactured in-house for quick shipment;
all we need are the dimensions shown in the diagram to the right.
Simply provide these dimensions to us with the desired length and
we will manufacture it for you in less than two weeks. Powder Coat
and Galvanized finishes are available.
Guardrail System
Easy and full access to edges of fall hazards
that complies with OSHA regulations.