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Bluewater Mfg., Inc. specializes
in non-penetrating, passive fall protection
products for workplace safety. Our versatile
line of guardrail systems fits a variety of
applications and meets OSHA guidelines for
permanent guardrail without penetrating
your roof. That’s because no drilling is
needed for installation. In addition, it can
be used as a portable system to be moved
from one area to another; for example, a
great feature for water treatment plants.
Our optional Rail Transport Cart stores
multiple sections of railing and bases and
can easily be moved from one location to
How does the SafetyRail 2000 System
comply with OSHA regulations?
It all boils
down to physics. When the 108 lb. bases
are installed in a run with a 90˚return on
each end, the combined mass and the
geometry of the installation creates a
compliant barrier for roof edge protection.
Unlike most guardrail systems currently on
the market, SafetyRail 2000 only requires
a 90˚return at the beginning and end of
the run, whether it’s 5’ or 1,000’ plus. This
unique design allows us to eliminate the
cost and danger of potential trip hazards
created by intermediate counterweights
used in other guardrail systems.
Easy Installation.
No drilling. No tools needed.
Installation is easy, so there’s no need to
incur the expense of hiring a contractor to
install SafetyRail 2000. Two workers can
erect over 500 feet of railing in less than
two hours without drilling holes into your
roof. No other guardrail system can
make this claim. Plus, all railings come
with simple installation instructions.
We make it
easy for
you to
protect your employees
and contractors.
Our four port base allows infinite positioning
of the rail sections
Positive locking system secures rails to base
Complies with OSHA regulations 29 CFR
1910.23 and 1926.502
Toe board adapters available
No intermediate counter weights required,
reducing trip hazards
Bases come standard with EPDM pads on
Optional EPDM or BUR pads are available
Working handles are cast into base for easy
lifting and positioning
No drilling. No holes. No Kidding.
SafetyRail 2000
Portable. Non-Penetrating. Easy to install.
500023 EZ Mover
RTC 2000 Cart