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The GuardDog Safety Gate is designed to match top and
mid-rail heights of OSHA compliant guardrails. When the
gate is installed with the top rail at OSHA’s mandated
guardrail height of 42” above the work surface, the bottom
rail of the gate is at OSHA’s nominal mid-rail height of 21”.
The GuardDog can be installed in just 5 minutes. It comes
fully assembled and includes securing hardware for pipe/
tubing installation. All you will need is a 1/2” wrench.
The gates come in five nominal sizes ranging from 18”
to 48”. Each gate size can be laterally adjusted up to 6”
(-3” to +3”) to ensure proper fitting in the opening. Toe
board adaptor kits are available for all sizes.
The GuardDog Safety Gate comes in three finishes:
Powder Coat Safety Yellow, Hot-Dip Galvanized or 316 Stainless Steel. Special colors are
available upon request. (Minimum paint charges may apply).
Options to suit
your situation
Gate arm provides maximum
opening coverage and the
rails are spaced to meet OSHA
guardrail regulations
Universal Hinge Assembly fits
various railing types up to 2”
O.D. or flat surface mounting.
Adapter kits are available for
larger or uniquely shaped
Each gate is capable of swinging
in either direction
The self-closing feature employs
two stainless steel torsion
Five nominal sizes are available,
and each is adjustable laterally
up to 6”
Custom gate for shipyard
Our new Self Stopping GuardDog
Safety Gate installs and adjusts easily
without the need for a gate stop. This
positive stopping mechanism is perfect
for mezzanines and other areas which
do not have adjoining structure.
The GuardDog
Self-closing Safety Gate.
and easy
to install.
Self stopping
action adjusts in
Gate Hoop Compression Clamp
ensures quick set-up and makes
adjustments a ‘snap.’