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The SafetyRail 200FG is constructed out
of fiberglass, making it the ideal rooftop
passive fall protection system when
telecommunication equipment is present
and metal guardrails would interfere with RF
signals. This RF-transparent guardrail is non-
penetrating and can be used as a portable or
permanent fall protection system.
Like the SafetyRail 2000, the 2000FG utilizes the
four port base, allowing the rails to be placed
in an infinite number of positions to avoid
roof obstacles such as drains or duct work.
The railings are made from a polyester,
fire retardant, UV inhibited and UV coated
material. Installation is fast and easy,
requiring no tool or drilling.
Perfect for applications where metal railings
can’t be used
No drilling necessary to install
Meets and exceeds OSHA regulations for fall
100% portable
Rails can be positioned in infinite positions
Each base supports up to four rails
Custom engineering and manufacturing for
special requirements
The non-penetrating
guardrail system that won’t
interfere with RF signals
Safety Rail 2000FG
Fiberglass guardrail system where metal railing can’t be used.