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There is no other product on the market like the SG Guardrail System. It features
a base plate that “grabs” the seams on your metal roof and complies with OSHA
regulations for guardrails. With 3 different styles of stanchions, the galvanized base
plate is designed to fit various types of standing roof seams and can be used with
our Architectural Series Railings, the SafetyRaill 2000, StealthRail and Perma-Line
Warning Line Systems.
The SG Guardrail System is ideal for protecting workers at mechanicals, ladder areas
and roof hatches, or to create a full perimeter around the rooftop. A CAD layout for
simple installation is included with each order.
An innovative solution for standing roof seam roofs
Complies with OSHA regulations
Hot-dipped Galvanized finish
Use with Architectural Series Railings, the
SafetyRail 2000, StealthRail and Perma-Line
Warning Line Systems
Utilizes S-5! Clamps
CAD layouts included for
simple installation
SG Guardrail System
The most versatile guardrail system designed for standing seam roofs