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The StealthRail Guardrail System provides clean site lines and preserves the architectural
integrity of your building, while offering perimeter protection. Each section is collapsible
and the one-way pivot assembly allows the rails to fold down after rooftop work has
been completed. A detent pin attaches to each pivot assembly, locking the rails in the
upright position. Like the SafetyRail 2000 System, the StealthRail requires no penetration
to the roof surface when installed and complies with OSHA (Standards – 29 CFR) 1910.23
and 1926.502.
The StealthRail is the ideal solution if you want a complete absence of railing on your
rooftop and the ultimate in passive fall protection.
Protect your assets while preserving architectural integrity
Reduce costs over an engineered lifetime system
Folds out of sight when not
in use
No drilling required to install
Rails can be mounted in
infinite positions
Use around mechanicals or
for perimeter protection
in 3 easy steps
StealthRail Guardrail System
A collapsible, non-penetrating guardrail system
that provides clean sightlines.
A company of innovation – not imitation.
Patent Pending