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Don’t Forget About Rooftop Safety When Opening a New Facility - It’s likely that your company will at some point need to add onto an existing facility or establish operations in a new location. Whether this is because of business growth, a change in demographics or tax law, or another consideration, … Continue reading
Safety manager surveying fall protection systems for roofs Where to Start When It Comes to Fall Protection Systems for Roofs: Your 5-Step Guide - Establishing an effective system for your roof is not always an easy process, especially if you lack experience or familiarity with OSHA regulations. Fortunately, you can streamline your fall protection efforts by following some simple steps. Below is your five-step guide … Continue reading
Why Safety Railings Are A Must, Even If You Rarely Access Your Commercial Rooftop - If you’re a commercial facility owner, roof fall protection might be the last thing on your mind. The idea of installing safety railings and guardrail systems can seem less of a priority to more demanding business objectives and, understandably, it … Continue reading
Your New Year’s Safety Resolution: Don’t Drop the Ball on Rooftop Fall Protection! - Just because New Year’s is over doesn’t mean you should drop the ball on your safety resolutions. You don’t have to wait for an OSHA fine or citation, either. The right time for fall safety to be a top priority … Continue reading
Picking a rooftop fall protection system How to Pick the Right Roof Fall Protection Systems for Your Facility - Staying compliant with OSHA’s regulations doesn’t only help you avoid fines: it protects your workers as they perform their tasks. The only way to stay compliant and keep your workers safe at the same time is to install the correct … Continue reading
Inspection OSHA Statistics Total OSHA Inspection Statistics - Budget reductions and changes in policy have contributed to an overall decrease in OSHA inspections in recent years. But even with fewer inspections, safety concerns are always a top priority for employers. Remember that less frequent visits from OSHA inspectors … Continue reading
osha inspector Get Compliant Before a Surprise OSHA Inspection – Avoiding a Rooftop Fall Protection Fine - If you’ve ever been shocked when an OSHA inspector arrives unannounced to inspect your rooftop fall protection methods, you’re not alone. These random checks surprise many companies. Safety officers fear the inspector will discover issues that violate OSHA’s stringent requirements. … Continue reading
overlooked rooftop fall hazards Overlooked Rooftop Fall Hazards – Protect Your Workers with Guardrails - As a safety manager or CEO, you likely focus the majority of your roof fall protection efforts on reducing fall risks around the edges of a roof. However, there are other rooftop fall risks that warrant attention. Failure to devote … Continue reading
Safety Myths Avoid Workplace Safety Myths and Keep Employees Safe with Guard Rails - Your workplace may not be as safe as you think, especially if certain common safety myths have infiltrated your work environment. Even if you believe your workplace is extremely safety conscious, the truth is that we’re all vulnerable to accepting … Continue reading
tools Choose the Right Roof Fall Protection Tool for the Job - Safety needs to be the number one priority of every supervisor and employee involved in a rooftop project. While it’s not always possible to eliminate every potential hazard, it is crucial that they are identified and that the proper roof … Continue reading
Educational Facility Rooftop Fall Protection for Schools and Other Educational Facilities - Education doesn’t just happen inside of a school building. The roof is a great place to teach kids about solar energy or rooftop gardening. However, with rooftop access comes a need for rooftop safety. In addition to students, maintenance and … Continue reading
Safety Inspector Reviewing OSHA Guardrail Regulations Cal-OSHA vs. Federal OSHA Guardrail Regulations: Know and Understand the Differences - The Cal-OSHA code, written to protect workers in the state of California, is notoriously more stringent than federal OSHA regulations for guardrail protection and roof fall protection systems. If you’ve been managing or paying attention to workplace safety issues, you … Continue reading
Extreme Sun Extreme Sun & Rooftop Safety: How Summer Heat Puts Your Employees At Risk - Most people look forward to the longer, sunnier days of summer. But when it comes to working outside, especially on industrial rooftops, summer can pose a big threat. Heat, high humidity levels, and intense sunlight can not only damage your … Continue reading
Fall Protection for Roof Holes Fall Protection Systems for Roof Holes: OSHA’s Definition and Addressing the Risks - Roof holes pose a constant threat to the safety of rooftop workers. Failure to install the proper fall protection systems can lead to employee injury and may result in serious citations and fines issued by OSHA. By taking the proper … Continue reading
Difference Between OSHA 1910 and OSHA 1926 OSHA’s Roof Fall Protection Rules: Know the Difference Between OSHA 1910 General Industry & OSHA 1926 Construction Standards - OSHA safety standards, especially for roof fall protection, can be a source of confusion for many industrial companies. Two OSHA standards can apply – 29 CFR 1910, which governs “general industry” safety standards and 29 CFR 1926, which governs construction … Continue reading
SUmmer Maintenance for Industrial Rooftops Summer Maintenance for Industrial Rooftops: How to Keep Workers Safe - Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a maintenance-free industrial rooftop. Summer may seem like a time when minimal maintenance is needed, but think again. Even the most durable roofs require periodic inspections and maintenance to foster their longevity and … Continue reading
Rooftop Safety for Construction Workers A Guide to Rooftop Safety for Construction Workers and Safety Managers - If you’re a construction worker or safety manager, you know that rooftops are full of accidents waiting to happen. In fact, falls are the most common cause of workplace injury and death in the construction industry. Injuries from falls can … Continue reading
Architectural Design Roof Safety Rail Can Roof Fall Protection Actually Complement The Architectural Design of a Building? - When customers and vendors think of your company or brand, they have a very specific perception. After all, you work hard to maintain a positive image and convey the values that are important to your company. Those values must make … Continue reading
Safety Railings for Manufacturing Companies Why Safety Railings Are a Must for Manufacturing Companies - As the manufacturing industry continues to grow across the globe, employers must heighten their efforts to protect employees from job-related injuries. With workers facing a host of safety risks on a daily basis, employers need to ramp up their efforts to keep … Continue reading
Eliminate Rooftop Fall Risks with Safety Rails Eliminate Rooftop Fall Risks with Safety Rails - The most important thing you can provide to employees who need to work on a roof is dependable rooftop fall protection. Whether they’re on top of a roof for routine maintenance or as part of a larger project, no job … Continue reading
fall protection systems for roofs Fall Protection Systems for Roofs: Avoid Damage with Non-Penetrating Guardrail Systems - If you’re looking for a durable fall protection system that won’t damage your rooftop, non-penetrating guardrail systems are ideal. Non-penetrating fall protection systems for roofs aren’t designed to be temporary, but since it’s not physically attached to the roof it … Continue reading
Stay OSHA Complaint with Safety Guard Rails How to Stay Compliant and Avoid Costly OSHA Fines with Safety Guard Rails - Maintaining a safe workplace environment that is free of fall dangers must be a top priority for industry leaders, managers, and employees alike. It is vitally important that every measure is taken to assure the safety of crew members, others … Continue reading
roof fall protection systems Roof Fall Protection Systems: Benefits of Portable Guardrails - As a safety manager, each decision you make is critical for ensuring a safe workplace for your employees. You not only need to keep up to date with current OSHA laws, but determine the best methods for keeping your workers … Continue reading