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The brands of Safety Products Group have demonstrated a lengthy track record of innovative safety products. Now, we’d like to share our insights and expertise on a regular basis in the articles of our newsletter, SPG Safety Summary. We hope you find the content as interesting as it is useful.


Modular Safety Rail

Modular Rail


The safety rail engineered
to work just about anywhere

For 43 years FabEnCo has manufactured safety gates, and during that time the company has reinvented the category several times over with innovations such as self-closing features, counterbalanced mechanisms and struts for ease of operation. To learn more click here

BlueWater skylight protection screen







Skylight Protection

Don’t forget skylights in
your rooftop safety plan

Skylight safety is often an overlooked aspect of rooftop safety programs. But, recent events have underscored just how important it can be. To read more click here.






Safety Assessments





Safety Assessments

Reducing fall risk starts
with knowing where it exists

One of the charges of The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics is to track of worked-related deaths and injuries. The latest report, released in April of 2015 indicated that where 4585 reported injuries and deaths in 2013 — 724 of those incidents were attributed to falls. To get your Free safety assessment click here.

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