Safety in the News: October 2019

Safety News: October 2019

Safety in the News: October 2019

A quick recap of some noteworthy safety-related news articles from the month of OCTOBER 2019:

New OSHA video: The inspection process, procedures.
The five-minute video describes what occurs during each of the three phases of an OSHA inspection: opening conference, walkaround and closing conference.

OSHA Focuses on Leading Indicators in Safety & Health
Recently, OSHA announced its intention to hold a stakeholder meeting in Washington D.C. next month to obtain information to create tools to help employers with developing and using leading indicators for safety and health.

Designing Fall Safety into a New Facility
Whether you’re building a new manufacturing plant, factory, warehouse, or other industrial building, safety should be a critical component of your planning process. Not only does adequate interior and exterior fall safety help prevent unnecessary injuries, but it helps keep your new building secure, compliant from increasing OSHA inspections, and useful for years to come.

OSHA Requests Information on Online Outreach Training
OSHA issued a Request for Information (RFI) this week to consider Online Outreach Training Program Consortiums, a new model to administer classes for OSHA’s Outreach Training Program.

OSHA Releases Annual “Top 10”
With the end of the federal government’s fiscal year having ended on September 30, OSHA recently released the top ten violations for fiscal year 2019.

Can You Predict Your Safety Future? OSHA Wants to Follow Your Lead(ing Indicators)
Finding a hazard in need of a fix may be obvious after an incident occurs, but what about predicting in advance where to focus your safety and health resources to prevent injuries? In November 2019, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) will convene a stakeholder meeting to gather examples and success stories with safety and health leading indicators.

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