RTC-2011 Safety Rail Cart

RTC-2011 Safety Rail Cart

To make transporting the SafetyRail 2000 portable guardrail system even easier, we bring you the RTC-2011 safety rail cart. Conveniently storing up to 120 linear feet of railings (100 feet usable) for an easy move.



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Product Description

The RTC-2011 safety rail cart is a time-saving solution when using BlueWater’s SafetyRail 2000 as a portable guardrail system. Featuring a unique design, the RTC-2011 conveniently stores up to 120 linear feet of railings (100 feet usable) and can be moved from one location to another with ease.

The RTC-2011 can hold 12ea rail sections in various sizes and gate lengths. A large lockable box allows for easy storage of toe board brackets and securing pins. Lifting Rings are also present for hoisting to elevated areas.

Note: For the safety of all personal, the RTC-2011 must be empty of bases when hoisting.