PermaLine – OSHA Roof Warning Line System

PermaLine – OSHA Roof Warning Line System

The PermaLine Roof Warning Line System by BlueWater is designed for the permanent placement near rooftop leading edges. This durable OSHA-compliant warning line system means no more wasted time spent replacing worn and torn plastic flagging.


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Product Description

The PermaLine roof warning line system was designed for permanent placement for roof edge fall protection. With this innovative system, you will no longer have to make monthly trips to your rooftop to replace torn or worn out plastic flagging. In addition, you will no longer have to inventory the flagging for future replacements. Once in place, the PermaLine remains intact until you want to move it. Best of all, it’s a non-penetrating system. The PermaLine (Patent Pending) is the only permanent Roof Warning Line System in the market place. It is not a motion stopping device. It is a highly visible warning barrier that exceeds OSHA regulations for warning line systems. Please call us for more details. OSHA has had some recent interpretations on warning line systems: please visit our OSHA web page for important links regarding the use of these roof warning lines.