SafetyRail 2000 Non-Penetrating Guardrail Systems

  • SafetyStrip

    Warn personnel of potentional bump points or to warn of any condition that needs safety or caution signage with the SafetyStrip by BlueWater. Bonds to numerous surface types and is...
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  • Securing Pin

    Designed to secure the rail to the base, Securing Pins ensure the rails are locked into place. In comparison to alternative systems using set screw fastening techniques, Securing P...
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  • Skylight Defender – Skylight Protection System

    BlueWater's OSHA-compliant,Skylight screen protection is non-penetrating. The Skylight Defender is specifically engineered to protect against injuries and deaths from falls through...
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  • Skylight Demarcation

    The Skylight Demarcation Kit provides visual location of skylights on snow covered rooftops. Four orange colored fiberglass markers are used to indicate each corner of the skylight...
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  • StealthRail – Folding Roof Safety Rail System

    The StealthRail is a collapsible, portable guardrail safety rail system. The concealable design allows for clean sight-lines from ground level and offers full protection while in t...
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  • Toe Board Bracket

    BlueWater Manufacturing easy-to-use Toe Board Brackets satisfy OSHA requirements for the use of toe boards on some elevated work areas. Each bracket slides on the rail and fits ove...
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