Pipe Fittings – KwikFit


Below are the beam load information for the use of the KwikFit fittings. Pipe fittings- Kwikfit are manufactured from malleable iron to BS EN 1562:1997. KwikFit pipe fittings types 26, 27 and 90 are manufactured in weldable cast steel to BS 3100:1991.

These types can be fabricated into structures or used to make special fittings for any application. KwikFit pipe fittings are fitted with stainless steel set screws as standard to BS 970 Grade 420. Each set screw can support an axial load of 900 kg when tightened to a torque of 40Nm. KwikFit pipe fittings are galvanized to BS EN ISO 1461:1999 as standard.

If you need assistance with the standards above, try the KwikFit Resources Page. Dimensional information for individual fittings can be found in the Fittings Catalog Pages. KwikFit pipe fittings are designed for schedule 40 pipe sizes as indicated in the following charts and tables:

Pipe Size Relations

Nominal Pipe Size 1.00″ 1.25″ 1.50″
Pipe O.D. 1.315″ 1.66″ 1.90″
Fitting I.D. 1.38″ 1.73″ 1.97″


Pipe Size Diagram



When ordering our KwikFit Fittings, add the pipe size after the item number you require. For example: # 1050.40 is a Railing Base Flange for 1-½” Pipe.Part # 1050.32 is the same part for 1-1/4″ Pipe.