Skylight Demarcation

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Skylight Demarcation

The Skylight Demarcation are indicator rods used around the perimeter of the skylight to indicate where the skylight is located on a rooftop.  These rods are used during winter months when the rooftop is covered in snow, and workers are unable to locate the skylight position.

Every year we read about accidental deaths by falling, due to snow obscuring visibility to workers on working on rooftops.   The skylight demarcations were developed to prevent such incidents, by allowing the worker to see the rods, they can then properly identify the location of the skylight and work around it.

To prevent falls from skylights on snow-covered roofs, BlueWater has introduced the Skylight Demarcation Kit. Consisting of four 48” fiberglass orange rods with reflective tape, stainless steel mounting brackets, and hardware, it is the first skylight demarcation system available on the market. It fits the Skylight Defender as well as other standard skylights.






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